Working My Way Through

Work is part of our daily lives, people of all ages may have been doing some kind of work knowingly or unknowingly. One part of our lives are also being exposed to technology. I for a fact loves gadgets and technology. 

I would like to share my expreience in becoming productive at work or in my personal life using Andorid devices. Thus my blog page is named workingandroid.

Visit the site from time to time to check for any updates that I will post about this experience.

Getting Started

In the office, we usually have windows laptop or desktop computers do do all the work. Since most companies have used Microsoft based software, it is essential that other companies will use the same Microsoft software to prevent any compatibility issues when sending or receiving the documents.


I will be trying to do work using Andorid devices and see what will Work and what Does not Work. 


To begin with, I need my Android Gear. I will be using a Galaxy TabS4 as a replacement to my laptop.

Day 1

The first thing to do is to install the necessary Android Apps that is equivalent to Microsoft Software that is installed on my office computer. that is very easy thing to do as Microsoft Android Apps are already available now and have comparable functions also.

I have listed below the Microsoft Apps that I have downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

- Outlook

- Word

- Excel

- Power Point

- To-Do

- One Drive

- ONe Note 


It's good to see that Microsoft have finally developed these Apps for Android to make these compact devices to be used as productive tools also. More than 10 years ago, the compact device that I can use to be somehow productive was Palm devices(may they rest in peace😀) with Documents-to-go apps.

Microsoft Apps in Google Play Store

Microsoft Apps in Google Play Store

Microsoft Apps in Google Play Store

Microsoft Apps in Google Play Store

Day 2

After installing the Android versions of the Microsoft office softwares, i have tried it out and see if it will work. Primarily, I want to check and respond to my emails. So I add my cridentials to Outlook then I got a security notification😥.

Unfortunately, there are additional requirements that our IT Department have implemented to add security to our email access. It is not just simply logging in your details and you can immidiately access your emails.

The Intune Company Portal app is require to further have the access to the email application. So I installed as per the requirement.

The instructions and warnings are fairly easy to follow and self explanatory. I hope after this, there will be no more issues with my Outlook email.

Day 3

So Far so good. I am able to recieve and send my emails. Since this is a Microsoft Office App, then it is very compatible to the actual desktop software. I still do have some items that I missed doing from the outlook desktop version. Whenever I recieve an email that I want to make a calendar as a reminder there is no direct to calendar button on the android app. You need to manually create the schedule by typing the details or copy paste the information from the mail you have. I hope Andoid version of the outlook app will have the calendar button.

Day 4